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Nov 262012
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house!

I was a bit absent from Blog World at the end of last week, but it was for good reason…I was busy decorating!  I still have boxes, pine needles, and clutter everywhere but I’m making progress.  I wanted to give you a little sneak peak into my decor…starting with my front porch.  My decor is similar to last year but with my new porch, it looks so much better.

Decorated Winter Porch

Anywhoo, bear with me and all the pics. We got a few inches of snow and I love the look with the fresh snow but then I decided to add the burlap (which is my new theme throughout the house too) and so I have more pics as the snow was melting.

The sled in the above picture was a curbside find.  You can read about that here.

The chair, toolbox, lantern, bucket, and saw were all either ReStore or garage sale finds.

Don’t forget to think outside the box when decorating, being sure to use things you have lying around your house and garage.

Also, use greenery or branches you may have in your yard or find a neighbor or friend that is willing to share.  Fresh greenery adds much!

I hope as you are preparing your home for the holidays, that you continue to be careful with your finances.  Remember a warm, cozy, well decorated home does not have to be expensive.

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