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Mar 142012

I’m working in my bedroom this week.  I love the sanctuary feel that my Love Letter on the Wall brings but I hate the feeling of chaos that the disorganization of the rest of the room brings.  I’m remedying that this week!

My jewelry was hanging on this little hanger that my son bought me last year…it’s cute and I appreciate it because it is from him but it is not practical for my jewelry.  My bracelets and earrings were buried in this, my bedroom junk drawer.

Are you seeing how desperate my need was of my organizational challenge!!??  Don’t forget to check out the previous 10 week’s posts in the right sidebar to see the progress made so far.
Anywhoo, I was eyeballing this piece of pegboard in the garage and knew that it wanted me to use it for something…so I put two and two together and got busy.

I used this piece of pegboard, cut off the nasty parts and then cut it in half.  I spray painted it with my paint and primer in one.  Next, I took two of these plastic baskets that were left after my linen closet makeover and spray painted those as well.

My Better Half built a little frame so the peg board would stick out from the wall enough for the pegs to go in and then hung it up for me.

He was even nice enough to share some of his pegs with me and so I can return the package I initially bought for this project.  So, this didn’t cost me a cent…I was able to use stuff I had on hand…{LOVE} it!
I can arrange the pegs anyway I like to hang my necklaces and bracelets and I put my earrings in the baskets at the bottom.

Do you have any creative ways to store your jewelry?
Feb 222012

I’ve been trying to stay away from thrift stores and my favorite ReStore lately.  If you’ve been following along for my organizational challenge, you know I’m purging and organizing rather than collecting more.  I will say however, that I have had a few moments of weakness and have purchased some little things.

My first and biggest purchase was actually made last fall so it doesn’t count against me.
I had been looking for a trunk for my boys room and when I saw this one it was on sale at my ReStore and I knew I wouldn’t be going home without it.

It stores a ton of stuff…their instruments, my youngest son’s golf bag (it is new to him and he can’t bear to put it in the garage yet!), and some bigger toys.

I used my old washboard in my laundry room makeover so I picked this little one up for $3 to have on hand for an unknown upcoming project!

The picture frame was only $.50 and I think they look so cute just sitting on a shelf empty.  Not sure if I will paint this one or add some chicken wire or something…the possibilities are plentiful!

This glass vase came in a set of two for only $.50.  I was so excited because I’ve seen so many ideas on pinterest for these and then a pillow fight broke out in my house and the set of two was down to one lonely vase…urggg!!  Oh well, I better enjoy these moments with the crazy boys because I’m sure I’ll wish they were back when they’re gone!

My old Folger’s coffee can is my prize possession.  It was holding drill bits at ReStore and I asked one of the volunteers if they would sell it to me.  He threw a $.25 price sticker on it and it was mine!!  I love it in my coffee corner…so fun!

Have you found any great deals lately??  It’s getting close to the end of the month and my local American Cancer Society Thrift store puts all their stuff 50% off the last few days of the month…I may just have to stop and browse.  I’ll let you know if I find anything good!

Feb 102012

A few weeks ago I organized a few of my kitchen cabinets but didn’t have time to get to this, most visible one.

It doesn’t look so bad from the outside but this is the cabinet that I stick all those little things in…receipts I want to save but haven’t had a chance to file away, box tops, needle and thread, tweezers…you get the idea.  I needed to get it all sorted and put away.

Once that was done,  I emptied out the cabinet and was inspired to try a little something I’ve seen on blogland.  Remodelaholic had lined a hutch with wrapping paper to add color and design.  I really liked the look but was unable to find any wrapping paper that I liked.  I tried to find some scrapbook paper to try in there but no success there either.

Then the thought came to mind to use some leftover material from my kitchen awnings and canisters.  Yes, the material is a wee bit different because I mistakenly bought this when I bought the other material for the awnings and I couldn’t return it.  It’s been nice to have!  I had just enough material left and didn’t have to spend a penny.
I measured and cut the pieces of material to fit and then used spray adhesive to attach them to the back of the cabinet.

After I got the material in, I decided to add some more decorative pieces to this cabinet.  Then I tried to decide if I should leave the door on…

Or take it off…

I took it off.  I like it this way…what do you think??
Another little, simple project was this frame.

I just cut a piece of material to fit in the frame and then used a dry erase marker to write on the outside glass.

I can change up the word or write a new phrase by just erasing and starting again.  I got this idea from this neat menu board over at Joyful Homemaking.

This is the cabinet’s finished look.  I love the change…it was simple, free, and now it’s organized too!

If you need some more organizing inspiration, be sure to check out the other posts from my Organizing Challenge in the side bar.

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